Destination Travel Solution

The Destination Travel Solution (DTS) is a software suite which is designed to assist the Inbound Tourism Company develop a competitive online presence, while simultaneously providing your Affiliates with a smart Online Destination Centre. The DTS is a strong and flexible platform with functionality that will suit a range of Inbound Operations.

B2B Solutions: The Online Destination Centre

(Inbound Tourism Operators & Destination Management Companies)

As a Destination Expert, an ITO, or DMC is the information gateway to a Destination for their partners (Affiliates, Distributors, Agents, Wholesalers etc). By producing rates, product information, images & destinational information they provide a trustworthy contact for their Affiliates, allowing them to book a destination with ease and confidence.

Putting together this information, compiling rates tariffs and producing and updating static documents is time consuming. Often valuable time is wasted in creating material that will not ever be read, or is not needed by one or another recipient.

The Solution

DTS’ Onlilne Destination Centre is a convenient online space, which allows your Affiliates to find all of the information that they need to sell your Destination, and provides them with the tools to book your product. With secure password logins, your partners can access everything they need, in the same functional space, from wherever they have internet acces

B2C Solutions: Your Consumer Website

Developing Your Business Direct to the Customer

Some ITOs or DMCs have begun to develop successful lines of business, direct to the consumer. The DTS provides you with a way of displaying your Product online, direct for the consumer to book.

Concerned about your Affiliates? The DTS allows you to protect your Affiliates, by setting up specific commission rules, and making sure you offer the best to both worlds.

Via our powerful and Search Engine Optimized websites, you can truly develop your position as an Local Expert.

Consumer Travel Booking Websites

Your Ops: Complete Back Office Managment

The DTS Consumer Websites are maintained entirely by your staff, so no fees for amendments, and everything is handled by you and your staff.

Update your Specials & Packages

Load Live Availability

Provide Image Rich Content

Manage the content of both your Online Destination Centre and your Consumer Website through one easy to use Content Management System. Enjoy the freedom to make instant changes to rates, update information, change cancellation policies, enter specials, create packages or simply upload that awesome new image.

One. Simple. Space.

Reservations will enjoy working from one, central, bookings space. Receive bookings, amend itineraries, send emails and communicate with your team. Staff are assigned bookings, and can share notes with each other. Emails can be viewed by the team, and Itineraries are easily amended and sent to Affiliates and Clients.

Operations rosters can be created to suit your needs, and reports for Product, Ops & Res are easily produced.